We think you should know

We are proud to be based in Mandalay


WHOW only sells 100% handmade products. All items are unique and made in small quantities. We only sell in Myanmar, but if there is a will, there is a way.

WE TRY as hard as possible to practice what we preach. WHOW works towards creating environmentally friendly products throughout the production chain. Unfortunately, ethically sourced products do not go hand in hand with shipping or flying cargo overseas on demand.

Think about it

The good news

is that we are open to enquiries. If you see something you like, there is always a way to get this to your doorstep. All we ask for is some patience. WHOW products travel oversees only when we visit our beloved ones in Europe or the other way around.

We support creativity, so why not personalise the Attitotes or What’s Cooking Aprons? Connect with us and share your idea.

Even better news