Due to the initial lockdown, many people in Myanmar were facing the harsh reality of not being able to provide food for their families, let alone offer care if someone becomes ill. Many families in Myanmar are dependent on a daily wage; the forced lockdown made it difficult to put food on the table. PAY’in to STAY’in, initially set up to support the families of the handweaving workshop, exceeded our expectations. As a result, we were able to help other families we know through our collaboration with WHOW.

Everyone who donated received a personal “thank you” message from the families and updates about how the funds were spent. Just like in our production, we like to keep things transparent and personal.

Awareness Campaign

When Covid-19 started to impact Myanmar, many people were unaware of the dangers of the virus. We decided to create the awareness campaign on social media and in print form :


We designed and printed posters and spread them around Mandalay.

Creative education

Since 2018 in-person dance classes were weekly hosted at the women empowerment center. A creative way to relief stress and stimulate positive self-development.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to continue in-person classes in Myanmar. Since 2021 barre, dance and yoga classes for the WEC and girls shelter are hosted online.


Namasate is an online community offering uplifting creative movement classes to support groups in need across borders.