It’s all about WHO & HOW

WHOW is a social business in Mandalay, Myanmar. We partner with creative local entrepreneurs and producers specialised in unique handmade cotton products.

WHOW appreciates and supports craftsmanship and creativity. Our aim is to connect small-scale producers to the national & international market and play fair whilst doing so.

WHOW is the story of WHO made it and HOW it’s made. We think you should know.


Creative Characters 

The products of WHOW come with an identity.  Know WHO made what you buy and feel connected to the talent WHO deserves the credit.

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Creative chain

WHOW stimulates transparent trade, sharing each stage of the production process from scratch. That is HOW we define fair.

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Creative cotton

The products of WHOW have an identity. We share with you the story of the producers and the production process. By doing so we strive towards a personal and unique end product. All WHOW products are 100% handmade. Slight variations of shading and dimensions are inherent in a handmade item. Thank you for appreciating this.

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