Screen Printing



I have always been very interested in design and especially drawing designs. I wanted to do work related to designing and printing on clothes. When I was 22 years old, I learned how to hand screen print my designs on shirts and other garments. I started a little workplace at my house in Madaya. At the beginning of 2017, I started my own printing business. I make designs and also take in orders for personalised designs. I have been working with WHOW since the start in 2017. We got to know each other and share a passion for creativity and design. The first test print we made together was the WHOW logo on a tote bag. Now I make the prints on all Attitotes, WHATs cookin’ Aprons and the labels for all WHOW products.

Screen Printing

Htet’s screen making methods are pretty close to how the Chinese were doing it back in the Song dynasty. (Apart from the fact he uses photo emulsion and fine silk mesh as opposed to hair). In Europe, most screen printing workshops include large and expensive pieces of equipment such as exposure units and spray out units. In some cases, the entire process is automated. Htet makes his screens by hand, stretching fine silk mesh over a wooden frame. The designs are transferred onto the mesh by applying a photographic emulsion and exposing the screen to light. To trap in the light, he uses cement blocks. After a few minutes of exposure to light, the screen is ready to be sprayed off, showing the design on the mesh. The ink is pushed through the screen to reveal the print on the fabric.