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Translation Team

Without them we would be lost in Translation



Name: Zhu Maogang (朱茂港). My school name is Nyein Chan Aung, meaning peace and success.
From: Northern state of Kachin.

Job: student English literature at the University of Mandalay, a teacher at a Chinese school in Mandalay, translator/ interpreter WHOW.


Enjoys: playing basketball with friends and reading.
“I work at a Chinese school where I teach from Monday to Saturday, in the afternoons I go to Mandalay University. I also work parttime with WHOW as their translator and join most of the field trips and meetings”.


“My professor encouraged me to take this opportunity and gain some experience working for a social business. Because of her, I took the offer. When briefed on the vision of WHOW, I was interested in the approach and the focus on every angle of the production chain. It is not simply about making money. The transparency that WHOW stands for is something I can relate to and support”.


“Within five years, I hope to study abroad. Or work in Myanmar or overseas in the field where multi-language ability is required”.



Name: Hmue Thet Paing Kyaw (meaning popularity and success). ‘Most of my friends and families call me Hmue.’

From: Mandalay

Job: ‘I’m a third year honors student, specializing in English literature, at the University of Mandalay. Currently, I’m teaching a Grade-10 student as a part-time guide and I’m also a part-time translator/ interpreter of WHOW.’