Who & How

WHOW cushion cover material is designed and handwoven by Nandar and her team in Amarapura. Most pieces are naturally dyed from plants and flowers like almond or indigo. For the vibrant color lovers we also have a small selection of chemical dyed cushion covers, which are AZO free.

To make the fabric both machine spun and handspun yarn is used. After the spinning Nandar does the natural dye process at her workshop. Natural dyes are an efficient and creative way to reduce environmental impact and enable the use of non-toxic, low impact solutions.

The yarns are boiled in dyes made out of flowers, plants or barks in combination with alum and salt. Alum is a chemical but it is measured to ensure it is not damaging for the environment, as the alum soaks into the yarn and doesn’t go in the wastewater. After the boiling, the yarns are dipped in and line dried.  This process is repeated multiple times, to deepen the color.

The women at the workshop set up the patterns on the handlooms. This is an amazing skill which takes great precision and time. The designs are created by themselves under supervision of Nandar and Ma Wai. She is the workshop manager, and they have been working together for over 14 years.

Once the yards are ready they are brought to Mandalay and given to U Than Thei. Together with his wife Daw War War Myint and oldest son Min Panya he makes the cushion covers at his workshop named Pan Pyo Hlet (Fostering Flower Hand).