Who & How

WHOW PIECES are 100% Myanmar cotton. We only sell unique items for both brother (Ako) and sister (Ama). We are expanding our line piece by piece, more items are coming soon!


The fabrics are all handwoven and naturally dyed by Nandar and her team in Amarapura.


The yarn is both machine and handspun. The fabrics are a mix of long and short-staple cotton, the later grows organically in Myanmar. This type of cotton is sourced in villages around Monywa and Budalin and is grown by smallholders like U Kyaw Htun.


All different shades of natural dye colours are distracted from a variety of plants, barks and flowers. Like gooseberry makes different shades of greyish/brown, cherry bark for pink tones, and the range from baby blue to dark blue is extracted from indigo.


The dyed yarns are set up according to the pattern on the wooden handloom, a job that takes time and great precision. Ma Wai, the manager of the workshop in Amarapura, has years of experience. She ensures the fabric is of high quality.


Once the fabric is finished, it is taken to Win Sun and the women at Crown Tailor workshop. The designs are discussed, and she oversees the making of it.


The shirts for men are 100% Myanmar cotton and naturally dyed. They are designed and produced by Kollin and his team.

He has been a partner of WHOW since the start and decided to distribute his natural dye line in collaboration with WHOW.